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Traditional handmade furniture, designer and woodcraftsman
Bespoke country furniture for the home and garden. Sawmill service
Traditional handmade furniture from British timbers by British craftsmen

Welcome to Rustic Crafts

Hand-made, bespoke furniture and artefacts - Sussex & Kent.

Traditional handmade furniture by woodcraftsman Barry JonesWe are designers and makers of hand-made, bespoke furniture and artefacts for the home and garden in solid home grown timbers from Sussex and Kent.

Established in 1967 as Rustic Crafts Limited, developing a unique, patent jointed roundwood furniture, we now specialise in traditional furniture which reflects the unpretentious charm of vernacular work. As the majority of our work is made to discerning clients' requirements, we do not produce a comprehensive catalogue, however, as can be seen from the accompanying photographs, our work is varied! Please ask for a copy of our Brochure, Price Guide and Terms & Conditions.

As we only work in solid timber, we do not touch veneers or man-made boards other than the occasional use of plywood. What you see is what you get! We also use traditional methods of joinery and finishes and, operating our own sawmill, convert and air dry the timber, mainly Sussex Oak, controlling the process from start to finish. We also offer a sawmill service to local craftsmen.

"... for it speaks of the craftsman, whose work is the expression of his life, to whom anything short of good workmanship is a degradation to which he will not sink."
- Walter Rose - The Village Carpenter

Furniture and Artefacts

Domestic and reproduction furniture and artefacts
Seen below are a cherry music stand, a 16th century reproduction settle table, trinket box and oak side table. We have made coffee tables, nests of tables, livery cupboards, hall seats, cabinets, dining room tables, jewellery boxes, artist's paint boxes, book stands and even a solid oak spectacles case with wooden hinges! If you desire it, we can most probably make it!

Handmade Cherry Music Stand
16th century reproduction settle table
Trinket Box
Side Table

Garden furniture and artefacts
Seen below are an oak Memorial bench seat (a hand carved inscription service is available) an oak Versailles planter, Country Park display-board frame and a traditional wooden wheelbarrow. We have produced a wide variety of articles including, sign posts, sign frames, garden tables, letterboxes - mostly in locally grown Sussex Oak.

Please remember, the majority of 'hardwood garden furniture' is made in the cheaper economies of the Far East at prices it is impossible to even approach! We build to specification, not down to a price!

Oak Versailles Planter
Handmade Oak Memorial bench seatTraditional Wheel Barrow
Park Sign

We support British woodland industries and buy locally grown trees from well managed woodlands.

Made in Beckley from British timbers by British craftsmen

Contact Us

Rustic Crafts Workshop, Bixley Lane, Beckley, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 6TH
Tel: 01797 260522
E-mail: bjrustic@aol.com


High Weald AONB - Support your local craftsmen and farmers in our High Weald Area of Outsanding Natural Beauty

Woodland Heritage - We support the future of British woodlands

Books by Barry M Jones - When not making furniture, I write books! See my website for interesting ones on local history and Industrial archaeology.